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Temporal Perspectives on the City

Course Number: GG271-OC

General Suggestions

  • Before you commit to your topic: It is a good idea to do a brief general search in library resources to see if there is enough material for your paper.
  • Related tip: larger cities or colonies probably have more information written about them than smaller cities.
  • The assignments all ask for at least 10 sources, but this means you’ll probably need to get twice if not three times as many sources and narrow down from there to end up with 10 good quality ones.
  • The instructions below are focused on finding scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.
Start here: searching in Omni for books and articles

Searching in databases for peer-reviewed articles

If you are having trouble finding enough good quality scholarly articles, supplement with a search using the following databases:

Additional suggestions to narrow results
  • You may find additional pertinent information about your city or colony if you look in articles or books (especially) with a broader geographic coverage.
    • For example if you are interested in a Greek colony in Sicily, say Syracuse, you could run different searches on the exact subject headings:
      1. Syracuse
      2. Greek Colonies
      3. Greece Colonies History
  • Similarly, you might find additional information on an ancient Roman city or town by looking for books on Roman towns or settlement, using a search strategy like: Roman AND Cities OR Towns or Urban (as in the example for Greek Colonies above)
Specific online scholarly sources

There are a number of excellent sources to consult to answer questions 1-5:

Searching for historical maps for your city or settlement

There are many websites for online maps; the list below is a very small selection.

First, try a search using the terms "your city" historical maps online in your preferred search engine

  • e.g. "New York City" historical maps online

Other good sites to consult for historic maps:

Copy/paste or download citations for your assignment
  • Watch this short video showing how to easily get citations from one of our databases

Creating an annotated bibliography
  • Your assignment has specific requirements the Annotated Bibliography should meet, but please see our short video on Creating an Annotated Bibliography if you have never written one before.

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