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Quantitative Research Methods & Analysis

Course Number: SK312-BR3

Subject: Social Work

1. Introduction

This guide builds on the Literature Review Research Methods module in your SK312-BR3 MyLearningSpace (MyLS) course site and will be used for in-class activities on Mon. Oct. 3.

IN-CLASS OBJECTIVE: Practice using literature review research methods.



Please ask! Use our shared Google Docraise your hand at any point today, or email me (


2. Quick Recap

The MyLS Literature Review Research Methods module focuses on:

  1. Developing your topic and drafting a research question.
    • Preliminary searching and learning about your topic is key.
  2. Beginning a literature review.
    • There are different ways to review literature - your methods need to fit your project.
      • Where will you search?
      • What keywords will help you identify relevant literature?
      • What search tactics will improve results?


Let's look at an example: "Beyond the Family Binary" in The Journal of Marriage and Family. How many sources does the literature review cite?


Your Project (Assignment) Goals

  • Do a literature review (4-5 pages, 8 sources) for a research proposal.
    • Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of literature about your topic.
    • Synthesize findings from across the literature about your topic.


Where might you search for: (i) 8 peer-reviewed articles versus (ii) 8 of the most recent and/or influential peer-reviewed articles by researchers in your field?


3. Activity: Searching for Peer-reviewed Articles

  1. Copy the following search: "housing first" Canada
  2. Paste the search into each of the following tools, and run it.
  3. Answer these 3 questions:
    • How many results did you get?
    • What are the dates for the first 3 results?
    • What journals are the first 3 results from?

4. Activity: Worksheet

I'm working on the research proposal assignment and my topic so far is youth who suffer from PTSD. Can you help me get started?



5. Extra Tips

(a) Synthesis


(b) Citing

  • Use the citation feature in databases to create APA 7 references.



(c) Cited By and References

  • "Cited by" shows works that have cited a particular study (forward in time), while references show what the study cites (backward in time). 



(d) Searching with Subjects

  • Use subjects to make your results more relevant.
  • Subjects are controlled terms from a database thesaurus that are assigned to articles.
  • Databases have different thesauri, which affects the subjects you use.

Example: MESH.EXACT("Health Services for Transgender Persons") in MEDLINE

Example: (MH "Transgender Persons+") in CINAHL


Major Concept Keywords Subjects

cancer, neoplasm, melanoma

CINAHL: Neoplasms


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