ACE (Accessible Content ePortal)

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ACE is a service that digitizes print books into accessible electronic formats on request, and also has many already digitized books available to search and download.

What is ACE?

ACE (Accessible Content E-Portal) is a service that provides access to books that have been digitized and made available online in accessible formats for Ontario universities participating in the ACE service.

Access to ACE: Getting a Token

Laurier students, faculty and staff who need books in an accessible format can use ACE. An ACE token is required. To obtain a token:

  • If you are a student registered with the Accessible Learning Centre, ask your ALC consultant
  • For anyone else, contact the Library Accessible Services staff at 

For students, tokens are available until graduation.

Finding Books in Accessible Formats in ACE

Search the ACE Repository to see if a book you want has already been digitized, and download it if so. You will need to log in with your ACE token. For instructions, see:

How to Request Digitization of a Book 

If the book you want isn't already digitized in ACE, you can request that it be scanned and digitized for you. 

Fill in the ACE request form. A token is required.

ACE requests take a minimum of one week to process. You will be notified by email when your book is available. If the Library owns the book, we will do an interim scan so you have something to work with while you wait for the better-formatted ACE version to be completed.

Learn more about how ACE works

Other Sources for Accessible Format eBooks

1. Access leisure reading titles through the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) at Waterloo Public Library or your local public library.

2. Search and download books from the Internet Archive's "Books for People with Print Disabilities" collection.

  • Start at the Internet Archives 
  • Type "Books for People with Print Disabilities" in the main search box
  • Choose the link  Books for People with Print Disabilities from the list of results
  • After connecting to the collection, look for the link labelled Sign Up in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Login (or register if this is first time using the collection)
  • Next, click on the About tab
  • Scroll down to ACE Portal and enter your ACE token.
  • You will be taken back to the main page.
  • Choose the Collection tab and use the search box at the left of the page to search for a title or author
  • Choose the Borrow option to see options for downloading the book OR choose "Read Book" to page through an onscreen version of the book
  • Alternatively, look to the download options on the lower right of the screen. Encrypted files in EPUB, PDF or Daisy format are available.
  • Staff at Laurier Library can request a DRM-free file on behalf of ACE users who require an unencrypted file to use with their preferred adaptive software. Use the ACE form above.