Physics: Websites

204 Classical Mechanics Calculators

American Institute of Physics

  • Has been chartered to promote the advancement and diffusion of physics knowledge and its application. At their site you will be able to read select scientific papers free of charge. Articles are available for document delivery even if you do not subscribe to their journal.

American Journal of Physics

  • Includes an online index for articles since 1972. The index can be downloaded at no cost.

Brown University High Energy Physics Group

  • Presents a user friendly resource called "Physics Around the Web".

Community of Science

  • A global registry designed to provide accurate, timely and easy-to-access information about new funding opportunities and who is working on what subjects and where.

Digital Einstein

  • Princeton University Press proudly presents The Digital Einstein Papers, an open-access site for The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, the ongoing publication of Einstein's massive written legacy comprising more than 30,000 unique documents.

Eric Weisstein's World of Physics

High Energy Physics Web Sites

  • Has a multitude of links to universities and research centres dealing with this area of physics. CERN - the European Laboratory for Particle Physics has provided the site.

Kan Academy on Physics

MarsQuest Online

  • Deals with the current exploration of the planet Mars.


  • The Optical Society of America provides links to academic, industry and government organizations that pursue optics and photonics research and applications.

Physical Reference Data

  • Produced by the National Institute of Standards & Technology. This site promotes the areas of physical constants, atomic & molecular spectroscopic data, x-ray & gamma-ray data.

PhysNet: the Worldwide Physics Departments and Documents Network.

  • Provides a stable information service for physics.

Science's Next Wave

  • A weekly online not-for-profit publication that covers scientific training, career development, the science job market, and current news items and scientific debates. Next Wave is a joint publication of Science Magazine and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Scirus: For Scientific Information Only

  • Scirus is a science-specific search engine which examines over 167 million science related Web pages.

The Feynman Lectures on Physics

The Physics Classroom

The "Virtual"~ Physics Center

  • A massive collection of information and links for physics.