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Music & Performing Arts

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Alternate Title(s): Music Online

Platform: Alexander Street Press

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This resource allows for cross-searching of Alexander Street music collections (as well as other collections on the platform) content audio, related web resources, video, DVDs and text content. Includes the disciplines or subject areas:

  • American Music
  • Classical Music
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Jazz
  • Popular Music
  • Theatre
  • World Music

You can browse this content by these disciplines and then by the categories: titles, instruments, performers/ensembles, publishers, people, historical events, genres, or subjects. You can also do a basic keyword search or use the advanced search to search within many very specific fields such as composer, playwright, person discussed, place publisher or released, place written or recorded, etc.

Laurier Library has provided access to this resource for many years.

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Streaming audio and video plus scores and reference works.

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