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Economics Research Network

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Alternate Title(s): ERN

Platform: Social Science Research Network

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ERN is a searchable and browsable collection of abstracts, working and accepted papers in over 100 different Economics subject areas. Forms part of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Web-based resources include an Abstract Database (covering approx. 30,000 working and accepted papers) and the Electronic Working Paper Collection (approx. 15,000 .pdf files containing full-text of recent research papers). In addition, working papers from CEPR and EBRI are downloadable for a fee. Working papers from the economics departments at Harvard and MIT are also available on ERN. Arrangements between ERN and NBER facilitate direct access to NBER papers via ERN for subscribers to both services (includes WLU). Users can access the full-text of NBER working papers available in ERN simply by clicking on the button labeled "Free Downloads for NBER Subscribers" which appears whenever a paper forms part of the NBER series.

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Searchable and browsable collection of abstracts, working and accepted papers.

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