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Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology

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Alternate Title(s): Dictionary of Hymnology, The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology

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With thousands of entries, written by hundreds of authors, from dozens of countries, this resource is a valuable reference resource for scholars of global hymnody, covering hymns of the Judeo-Christian tradition, from many countries and languages, historical and contemporary. It includes articles on individual hymns, authors, hymnals, related organizations, tunes, composers, as well as general topic articles. This resource replaces and updates the 1892 "Dictionary of Hymnology" by John Julian, including the 1907 supplement and is the work of a team of editors headed by Professor J.R. Watson, University of Durham, UK, and Dr Emma Hornby, University of Bristol, UK. The interface includes a basic keyword searching function, with results able to be limited by era, place, tradition, role of a person, and other facets. You can browse by category, such as literary topics, Hymns in Latin, specific place, specific era, traditions, and role of a person. You can also browse alphabetically by the title of the article. For complementary information, also consult

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Reference resource on hymns from around the world, historical and contemporary. Requires log in.

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Music, Theological Education

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