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A compilation of data on over 260 indicators of women's status in 174 countries. Creating a free account is required.
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The WomanStats Project collects data on all countries with a population greater than 200,000--a total of 174 countries. Data on over 260 variables is coded, including quantitative and qualitative data on on topics such as laws, domestic violence, female landownership, and political participation.

The Project focuses primarily on data from governments (especially that data submitted to UN human rights bodies), non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations, and country or topic experts. The data collected includes laws, statistics, statements of general fact made by experts and authorities, anecdotes, interpretations, and other information.

The database is searchable by country or by variable (i.e., issue area). Use the codebook (list of variables) to see what data is available and how it is grouped within the database. All data files you create from the database according to your specifications are downloadable in .csv format, which can be opened using software such as Excel.

While the information in the WomanStats database is extensive, not every data point is complete. Sometimes there are coding gaps in the database where information isn't available.

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  • Women and Gender Studies
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