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Index for journal articles on international relations and political science.
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1923 - present
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From ProQuest:

ProQuest Political Science gives users access to over 150 leading political science and international relations journals. This collection provides full-text of many core titles included in Worldwide Political Science Abstracts.

This database offers complete text and images from journals such as:

  • Acta Politica
  • Review of Politics
  • Contemporary Political Theory
  • International Journal of Public Opinion Research
  • Journal of Social Policy
  • World Affairs

Image articles include all the charts, tables, diagrams, and other graphical elements often used to enhance the editorial value of articles that focus on education topics.

ProQuest Political Science covers the literature of political science and international relations, including such topics as comparative politics, political economy, international development, environmental policy, and hundreds of related topics.

Laurier Library provides access to this in a collection with PAIS and WPSA.

Subjects covered:
  • Global Governance
  • International Public Policy
  • Political Science
Alternate titles:
ProQuest Political Science