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Linking to Library resources

How to create links to Library eresources that work off campus, either for course reserves or in MyLearningSpace or other web sites.

To create links to online library resources on web pages or in MyLearningSpace, pick one of the options below. If you try to create links using other methods, the links may not work off campus or at all. If you aren't creating links to library resources and are simply having trouble accessing them, go to Troubleshooting access issues.

For course readings: using Ares

What does this mean?

Instructors can supply lists of the resources to link to, Library staff will create the links, and Ares will display in MyLearningSpace with links to the readings. We strongly recommend this option for easy access to student course readings. Items that can be added to Ares include:

  • Full-text articles, books or other resources available through the Library
  • Exams, course syllabi, class lecture notes, problem sets
  • Works in the public domain
  • Works for which you own copyright or have obtained copyright permission to post online


Creating links yourself

You can find or create links to Library electronic resources to be used MyLearningSpace or any other web site.

  • Warning: MyLearningSpace link fields may truncate very long links. If one or more of your links do not work properly in MyLearningSpace, you can shorten your URLs through a service such as


Link to a database, index, collection or platform in the Library's collection

To link to a database or search tool, direct users to the library's resource page for the database (e.g., Clicking on "connect to resource" will direct people who are off campus to the network login screen.

Link to Omni (the Library's catalogue) records

Link to other Library electronic resources

  • Find and use the "Permalink" or persistent link in the Omni record or other database record for the resource.
  • If the link found doesn't include "" at or near the beginning of the URL, you can Add the proxy prefix to a resource URL to make sure it will work when not on the Laurier campus.
    • Warning: This will only work for resources in the Laurier Library collection.
    • Note: This isn't required for links to resource pages, for Omni records or for open access or free resources.


If you have questions or need help linking to Library resources, please ask us.

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