Digital Projects and Curation

Laurier library is building capacity to support Digital Humanities (DH) and Digital Pedagogy (DP) to enhance the research and learning experience of faculty and students.

Digital Projects/Digital Research

The Library is cultivating an environment that provides consultations to faculty or students wishing to conduct research involving digital technology including research in Digital Humanities (DH). As part of this initiative the Library encourages newcomers or experts in digital project to come forward with their ideas and explore the available Library supports.

The library recognizes the multidisciplinary aspect of digital projects and its use of digital tools and techniques to conduct research. For that reason, the Library seeks to support members of the Laurier community in preparing for such projects. According to community interest and need, the Library will develop the infrastructure necessary to mobilize digital project research outputs. These supports include identifying suitable research methods, technical requirements, and planning for the functional and technical aspects of a project.

Digital Pedagogy

Digital Pedagogy forms the basic foundations for a Digital Humanities project. The Library is developing an initiative to address the need to support students’ digital literacy by offering scalable Digital Pedagogy programs that incorporate digital technology into the academic curriculum. This partnership involves working closely with interested faculty members to determine the tools and learning objectives that match the learning outcomes of the course. The purpose is to encourage students’ critical engagement with digital tools and help them develop the insight to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of employing them in research.

Online Exhibitions

The library hosts a curated exhibition on its Online Exhibitions site. Those interested in staging an online exhibition are encouraged to review the content on the and complete an exhibition project proposal.

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