Royalty Free Resources for Teachers

Course Number: EU (Teacher Education)

Subject: Education

Please read What is Creative Commons licensing? Don't forget that in addition to finding out if you can use an image, video, clip art or sound byte, you will need to record where you got it from (the URL) and if there was a title or creator that needs to be acknowledged.


  • Google Image search once you have searched, click on Tools at the top and select "usage rights" to know if you can use an image or video.
  • pxhere is a site listing free stock images and copyright free resources.
  • morgueFile
  • Flickr Creative Commons Images
  • Virtual Picture Album is a computer archive of digitized photographs and drawings, accompanied by useful descriptions and suggestions for ways to incorporate these pictures into various in-class and out-of-class activities. There is even a small collection of sample exercises using pictures from the VPA, which you can use as is or modify for your own purposes.
  • EduPic is a teacher designed free image resource for teachers.
  • Wylio offers free image searching. You are limited to 5 pictures a month for the free version.
  • NASA Images see "video" below
  • Open Photo is a high-quality photo sharing platform created in 1998. OpenPhoto contributors offer their images for free under terms of Creative Commons licensing.
  • Wikimedia has public domain and “freely-licensed" media files.

Clip Art

Music, Audio & Sounds

Movies & Video

  • (search for moving images)
  • Videvo
  • NASA Images contains everything from classic photos to educational programming and HD video, and is growing all the time as we continue to gain both new and archived media from all of NASA's centers. We hope to promote education and facilitate scholarship in the math and sciences at all levels, and to build general interest and excitement around space exploration, aeronautics, and astronomy.