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PEST Analysis

Course Number: BU111

Subject: Business


PEST/PESTLE stands for the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors that impact a company. These are known as “external factors”.

How can I find information on PEST?

You can find a complete PEST country analysis report using Marketline. Conduct a country search to locate a PEST report.


If the PEST country analysis (via Marketline) does not contain useful information, consider splitting up each letter or factor separately, i.e. "P – political", and do research on it using the recommended tools below.

Consult the following tools to consider each P.E.S.T factor:

*Be sure to uncheck all databases, with the exception of Associations Canada.

  • Economic - analyzing the economic factors and how these factors may impact your venture or industry, i.e. exchange rate
  • Tools you can use:

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