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GESC Field Studies

Course Number: GESC399, GESC451

Below are some resources to help you find recent, peer-reviewed sources to develop your literature review.

The Geography and Environmental Studies Subject Guide lists a number of databases you should consult.

My recommended databases to use, listed on the guide, are:

  • Web of Science
  • Geobase
  • Geography/ES at Proquest


Field site information

The Koffler Scientific Reserve (KSR) is located in York Region (formerly York County) in King Township. Below are a number of links to documents and maps that detail abiotic and biotic features of the broader ecosystem setting as well as individual site details.

Abiotic feature reports

  • The Physiography of Southern Ontario (note: this is a large document, 227 mb)
    • The above report provides physiographic details for all of the regions in Ontario
    • The KSR covers 2 different regions: 
      1. Oak Ridges Moraine (see pp. 52)
      2. Simcoe Lowlands (see pp. 177)
  • Soil survey of York County
    • Soils in and around the KSR are classified by the Soil Survey as being predominantly Pontypool Sandy Loam, with areas of Bondhead Loam found to the northwest, and Bondhead Sandy Loam found south of the 19th Sideroad. (it may be outside your field study boundaries)
    • Descriptions of these soil types can be found in the survey
  • Soil map of study area from Scholars Geoportal
    • Sign in using WLU login/pwd if off campus
  • Glenville Hill Kames Provincially Significant Earth Science ANSI
    • A report written the OMNR detailing significant "earth science features" of this area
    • Boundaries are slightly to the east of the KSR site
    • NOTE: this report generously provided by Steve Varga of the OMNR. Report should be cited as:
      • Gorell, G., Kor, P.S.G., Webster, D, & Varga, S. (2012). Oak Ridges Moraine - Earth science ANSI inventory: Glenville Hills Kames ANSI [unpublished report]. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Parks and Protected Areas Policy Section. 
  • Quaternary landform and sediment analysis of the Alliston area (southern Simcoe County), Ontario, Canada (MSc Thesis, 2013, McMaster University)
    • This recent thesis has some discussion of landscapes and physiographic regions in the Alliston area (see discussion of Oak Ridges Moraine, pp. 59, and Simcoe Lowlands, pp. 66) and includes the KSR site as part of its study area.

Ecosystem Information

Research conducted at Koffler Scientific Reserve


Included below are two videos demonstrating some advanced search techniques to find the most recent, peer-reviewed articles on a topic:

Also: see the video below on Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Video 1: Physical Geography example

Video 2: Human Geography example

Creating an Annotated Bibliography

(Audio and text files for this video found on this page: Creating an annotated bibliography)

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