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Current page. Monday June 24 2024 room availability table.


Get help with the room booking system, including sources of conflict stopping you from booking.

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Reservation issues we have identified affecting disabled users.

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View Podcasting Studio availability on Monday, June 24, 2024. A description of each room is available.

Click on an available time slot to reserve a room. Use your keyboard's arrow keys, click the arrows in the table header, or swipe to navigate the table. To view or modify your reservations, you must sign in.

The table rows are fixed-size time slots in ascending order, and the columns are the reservable rooms. A cell represents the state of a room at a given time slot. The states are: available, unavailable, reserved, too early, insufficient quota.

Waterloo Podcasting Studio L4-401
9:00 am +
9:30 am +
10:00 am +
10:30 am +
11:00 am +
11:30 am +
12:00 pm +
12:30 pm +
1:00 pm +
1:30 pm +
2:00 pm +
2:30 pm +
3:00 pm +
3:30 pm +