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Data Science: Journals & books

  • ACM SIGKDD Explorations Newsletter

    Primary focus is to provide the premier forum for advancement and adoption of the "science" of knowledge discovery and data mining.
  • ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST) Publishes the highest quality papers on intelligent systems, applicable algorithms and technology with a multi-disciplinary perspective.
  • Big Data & Society Peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes interdisciplinary work principally in the social sciences, humanities and computing and their intersections with the arts and natural sciences about the implications of Big Data for societies.
  • Big Data Analytics Multi-disciplinary open-access, peer reviewed journal, which welcomes cutting-edge articles describing original basic and applied work involving biologically-inspired computational accounts of all aspects of big data science analytics.
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Peer-reviewed journal publishes original technical papers in both the research and practice of data mining and knowledge discovery, surveys and tutorials of important areas and techniques.
  • Decision Support Systems Peer-reviewed journal publishes articles relevant to theoretical and technical issues in the support of enhanced decision making.
  • Expert Systems with Applications Refereed international journal whose focus is on exchanging information relating to expert and intelligent systems applied in industry, government, and universities worldwide.
  • IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering Informs researchers, developers, managers, strategic planners, users, and others interested in state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice activities in the knowledge and data engineering area.
  • Journal of Big Data Publishes high-quality, scholarly research papers, methodologies and case studies covering a broad range of topics, from big data analytics to data-intensive computing and all applications of big data research.
  • Journal of Data Mining and Digital Humanities Peer-reviewed journal concerned with the intersection of computing and the disciplines of the humanities, with tools provided by computing such as data visualisation, information retrieval, statistics, text mining by publishing scholarly work beyond the traditional humanities.
  • Social Network Analysis and Mining Peer-reviewed journal serving researchers and practitioners in academia and industry concerned with experimental and theoretical work on social network analysis and mining
  • Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD) Peer-reviewed journal that publishes full range of research in the knowledge discovery and analysis of diverse forms of data.

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