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Computer Science: Websites

Citeseer: Scientific Literature Digital Library

Provides access to a broad range of research papers and articles primarily from the field of computing science.

CNET: The Computer Network

is a leading edge media company which integrates TV programming with a network of sites on the World Wide Web. Their site draws heavily on computer product reviews and news of the ongoing developments within computing and the Internet.

Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC)

is a searchable dictionary containing over 11,000 definitions. The site includes links to companies, institutions, products, projects, history and almost everything related to computing.

IEEE Computer Society Style Guide

The IEEE Computer Society Style Guide Committee’s mission is to clarify the editorial styles and standards that the Society’s publications use. We maintain and periodically update a style guide to clarify those usages not adequately defined in accepted external sources. Our purpose is to promote coherence, consistency, and identity of style, making it easier for CS editors and our authors to produce quality submissions and publications that communicate clearly to all our readers.

Scirus: For Scientific Information Only

Scirus is a science-specific search engine which examines over 167 million science related Web pages.


Serves as a dictionary and a search engine for computer and Internet technology.

WWW Virtual Library: Computing

This is a vast list of links to a wide variety of topics relating to the field of computers.

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