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CARMA Video Library

Live and recorded webcasts on research methods and analysis. Requires log in. View Full Description


Tool to support the production of systematic reviews. (Requires an individual account.) View Full Description

H&PE Elementary Resources

Lesson plans and supplemental resources concerning Ontario 2015 curriculum (grades 1-8) expectations. View Full Description

H&PE Secondary Resources

Six interconnected but standalone components with content to support health and physical education (H&PE) teaching, for grades 9-12. View Full Description


US and international datasets in criminology, demography, economics, health, political science, and sociology. View Full Description


Interactive online guide and toolkit to support working abroad. Create an account using your Laurier e-mail. View Full Description


Journal articles and other materials on chemical substances, reactions or topics. View Full Description

WRDS: Wharton Research Data Services

Contains company finances as well as equity and fixed income data, and is intended for in-depth financial and accounting research. View Full Description