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Women and Transnational Networks

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Alternate Title(s): NCCO: Women and Transnational Networks, Women: Transnational Networks, Gale Primary Sources: Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Women and Transnational Networks, Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Women and Transnational Networks

Platform: Gale Primary Sources

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NCCO is an online collection of primary source documents focusing on the nineteenth century. The Women: Transnational Networks archive specifically covers issues at the intersection of gender and class from the late-eighteenth century to the era of suffrage in the early-twentieth century, all through a transnational perspective. The collection contains deep information on European and North American movements, but also expands its scope to include collections from other regions. Researchers and scholars will find rare content related to: Social reform movements and groups High and popular culture Literature and the arts Immigration Daily life Religion Collections in this archive: Action Sociale De La Femme Et Le Livre Francaise Britannia: Official Organ of the Women's Party British Birth Control Material at the British Library of Political and Economic Sciences: 1800-1947 The Diaries of Elizabeth Fry, 1797-1845 History of Women The Journal of the American National Women's Trade Union League Mary Braddon Archive Myrtilla Miner Papers Our Corner Papers of Carrie Chapman Catt Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton Quaker Women's Diaries: 18th-19th Centuries The Reply SuffragistVotes for Women The Woman Worker 1908-1910 Woodhull & Claflin's Weekly Laurier Library has provided access to this since 2017. This is currently the only NCCO archive in our collection.

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Primary source collection focusing on the 19th century, gender, and class through a transnational perspective.

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History, Women and Gender Studies



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