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Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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Alternate Title(s): Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online, REP Online

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Based on the 1998 10-volume print edition, with links to editorially reviewed websites, this regularly updated resource is a large and comprehensive resource for those involved in the study of philosophy. There's a basic keyword search function at the top of each page on the site, and an advanced search function that can connect multiple fields (namely article title, anywhere, main body text, contributor, titles within the bibliographies, or author name within the bibliographies) with Boolean operators. Concepts such as topic, period, region and religion can be used in the advanced search, can be browsed from the front page, or used to limit search results after the fact. High level topics included are: Aesthetics Applied ethics Epistemology Ethics Feminist philosophy Glossary of logical and mathematical terms Logic Metaethics Metaphysics Phenomenology Philosophy of language Philosophy of law Philosophy of mathematics Philosophy of mind and psychology Philosophy of religion Philosophy of science Philosophy of social science Political philosophy Laurier Library has provided access to this since August 2007.

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Collection of general and specific encyclopedic articles on topics in philosophy.

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