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ProQuest Recent Newspapers: National Post

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Alternate Title(s): National Post (via ProQuest Recent Newspapers)

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The National Post (ISSN 1486-8008) is a Canadian English-language daily newspaper providing regional, national and international coverage. Published by Postmedia Network, it was founded in 1998 by Conrad Black in competition with The Globe and Mail. This ProQuest resource provides access to recent issues of the news source in full-page images providing cover-to-cover access and is full text searchable.

As with most ProQuest resources, there is a basic keyword search as well as the ability to browse issues. The advanced search allows for multiple-field Boolean-connected searched in a few fields, with publication date filters.

Laurier Library added this to our collection in November 2020.

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Searchable full-page access to the newspaper The National Post.

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