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Philosophy of Science 2-Volume Set, The : An Encyclopedia

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Alternate Title(s): The Philosophy of Science 2-Volume Set : An Encyclopedia

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This in-depth reference combines scientific knowledge with philosophical inquiry in a two-volume set that brings together an international team of scholars to provide over 130 entries on the essential concepts in the philosophy of science. Areas covered include biology, chemistry, epistemology and metaphysics, physics, psychology and mind, the social sciences, and key figures in the combined studies of science and philosophy. Essays range in length from 3,000 to 7,500 words and represent current philosophical thinking on scientific topics such as determinism, explanation, laws of nature, perception, individuality, time, and economics as well as more current topics such as adaptation, conservation biology, quantum logic, consciousness, evolutionary psychology, and game theory. Content is browsable via the table of contents and searchable by keyword.

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Encyclopedia covering developments in the contemporary philosophy of science.



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