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Oxford Companion to Philosophy

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An authoritative source with over 2,200 entries written by 291 academic philosophers. It gives clear and reliable guidance to all areas of philosophy and to the ideas of all notable philosophers from antiquity to the present day. The scope of the volume is not limited to English-language philosophy: it surveys the foremost philosophy from all parts of the world. The book covers philosophical topics from animal souls, arthritis in the thigh, and brain in a vat to Zoroastrianism and vague objects. There are more than fifty extended entries of 3,000 words on the main areas of philosophy and the great philosophers Published in 2005, the second edition has 300 new entries written since the original edition was published in 1995. This newer edition features animal consciousness, cloning, corporate responsibility, the family, globalization, and terrorism.

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Contains over 2,200 entries written by 291 authoritative philosophers with a wide breadth and depth of coverage.

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