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Alternate Title(s): NPG, Nature Publishing Group

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The Nature Publishing Group (NPG) publishes many journals in the areas of health, the hard sciences, and science in general. The journal Nature, from which the group gets it's name, started in 1869 and is considered one of the most prestigious scientific journals. This site provides access to all NPG published journals. Navigate to the individual journals through the "Publications A-Z" list or search (basic or advanced) through all titles. Laurier Library provides access to: Nature Nature Biotechnology Nature Cell Biology Nature Climate Change Nature Genetics Nature Geoscience Nature Materials Nature Medicine Nature Methods Nature Nanotechnology Nature Neuroscience Nature Photonics Nature Physics Nature Protocols Nature Structural & Molecular Biology Nature Reviews Genetics Nature Reviews Microbiology Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology Nature Reviews Neuroscience Heredity International Journal of Obesity Neuropsychopharmacology