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First World War

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Alternate Title(s): Personal Experiences: First World War, The First World War, 1st World War, World War One, WW1, WWI, Propaganda and Recruitment: First World War

Platform: Adam Matthew Digital

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Laurier Library provides access to two collections within this resource: "Personal Experience" and "Propaganda and Recruitment". We do not provide access to the collection "Visual Perspectives and Narratives". "Personal Experience" is a collection of primary source documents from around the world focussed on giving insight into the lives and experiences of men and women during the First World War. Document types include diaries, journals, letters, trench literature, postcards, scrapbooks, photographs (from the time period and of items from the time period), sheet music, cartoons, posters and maps. "Propaganda and Recruitment" provides access to primary source content aimed at illustrating the use and practices of propaganda and recruitment, including morale, various forms of propaganda, censorship, impact of mutinies, and the issue of dissension. Document types include posters, postcards, diaries, cartoons, photographs, pamphlets, instructions, newspaper extracts, reports, and legal and government documents. The content can be browsed by high level format (documents, maps, and visual resources), limited to more specific types, and sorted by title, date, type, etc. There is also an advanced search, allowing combined searches, searches by title keyword or author name, restriction by date, and limited to either primary or secondary documents. There is also a list of popular searches that can be used.