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Encyclopedia of Social Work (20 ed.)

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Alternate Title(s): Oxford Encyclopedia of Social Work

Platform: Oxford Reference

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Co-published by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and Oxford University Press (OUP), this encyclopedia of subjects and brief biographies within the field of social work is a valuable resource for practitioners, scholars, and students. As with most titles on the Oxford Reference platform, entries can be browsed alphabetically, and content can be searched by basic keyword. Search results can be limited by further terms, availability, and other facets, and sorted by relevance, title, author, age, and length. Laurier Library provides access to this title alongside many other Oxford Reference works. For more information or alternate access, see the Omni record for this work.

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Subject entries and brief biographies of key figures in the history of social work.

Subjects Covered:

Social Work



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