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eBook Academic Collection (EBSCOhost)

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Alternate Title(s): EBSCOhost eBook Academic Collection

Platform: EBSCOhost

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This growing subscription collection of electronic books from EBSCO Publishing includes a wide selection of academic topics and publishers and university presses. For more information about this product, go to EBSCO's description page. Being on the EBSCOhost platform, much of the searching functionality and fields are the same: you can combine individual search terms (within specific fields or not) with Boolean operators. There are the standard limiters/filters such as full text, download available, publication date, publisher, language, and more. You can browse by category or do a basic keyword search by clicking on "eBooks" at the top left of the site's pages. Laurier Library has subscribed to this since March 2020.

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Collection of over a hundred thousand full-text electronic books on a variety of topics.

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1800 to present

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