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ACF: Audio Ciné Films Inc.

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Alternate Title(s): Audio Ciné Films Inc.

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This company is a non-theatrical (markets outside commercial theatres) film rights representative in Canada, with rights to a large film collection, managing licencing related to the public presentation of films produced by the studios they represent in Canada allowing organisations such as Laurier to present films within a public performance environment without infringing upon the Canadian Copyright Act. Titles can be browsed in various categories, such as those recently added, new releases, family, in French, etc. There is a basic keyword search box at the top right of all pages on the site as well as a link to their advanced search which allows keyword searching in the title, cast and director fields, plus limits such as rating, release year, English captions, foreign film origin, and subject. Laurier Library has provided access to this resource since January 2020. Although this resource itself is discoverable in Omni, the films the resource provides access to are not.

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Collection of feature films.

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Interdisciplinary, Film Studies



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