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Sociology, Twenty-First Century see 21st Century Sociology
SOPODA see Sociological Abstracts
SourceOECD see OECD iLibrary
South and Southeast Asian Literature Collection of fiction and poetry written in English by authors from South and Southeast Asia. View full description.
SP Dataverse see borealis: The Canadian Dataverse Repository
Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy @ EBSCOhost Selected EBSCOhost databases for Pastoral Counselling. View full description.
SPORTDiscus International database with citations for materials in sports medicine, exercise physiology, physical education and related fields. View full description.
Sports Medicine & Education Index Index for articles, books, etc. for sport, kinesiology and related disciplines. View full description.
Springer Books & Journals see Springer Link
Springer Journals & Books see Springer Link
Springer Link Thousands of books and journals primarily in the sciences, published by Springer. View full description.
SpringerLink see Springer Link
SpringerReference see Springer Link
Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage see NetAdvantage
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Refereed dynamic open-access online encyclopedia from Stanford University. Updated continuously. View full description.
Statistics Canada Electronic Publications see Index of downloadable Statistics Canada publications
T&F Online see Taylor & Francis Online
T&F eBooks see Taylor & Francis Group
Tax Cases, Dominion (Current and Archive) see IntelliConnect
Tax Guide, Canada Income see IntelliConnect
Tax Planning for Small Business see IntelliConnect
Taylor & Francis ebooks see Taylor & Francis Group
Taylor & Francis Group Platform for electronic books published by Taylor & Francis. View full description.
Taylor & Francis Online Platform for all electronic journals and reference works published by Taylor & Francis. View full description.
Teacher Reference Center Index for popular teacher and administrator trade journals, periodicals and books. View full description.
Tests in Print see Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print
The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas see MyWorldAbroad
The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology see Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology
The case journal see The CASE Journal
The CASE Journal An academic journal for cases in business and management disciplines. View full description.
The Chicago Manual of Style see Chicago Manual of Style Online
The Conference Board of Canada see Conference Board of Canada: E-LIBRARY
The Encyclopedia of Ancient History see Encyclopedia of Ancient History
The Film Platform Collection (via Alexander Street Press) Collection of films from Alexander Street Press and ProQuest. View full description.
The First World War see First World War
The Globe and Mail (via ProQuest) see ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail
The Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture see Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture
The Hill Times see Hill Times
The Illustrated London News Searchable text plus page images of all issues of the "Illustrated London News". View full description.
The international encyclopedia of geography see International encyclopedia of geography, the : people, the Earth, environment, and technology
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Martin Luther see Oxford Encyclopedia of Martin Luther, The
The Philosophy of Science 2-Volume Set : An Encyclopedia see Philosophy of Science 2-Volume Set, The : An Encyclopedia
The Qur'an : An Encyclopedia see Qur'an : An Encyclopedia
The Routledge companion to new cinema history see Routledge companion to new cinema history, The
The Routledge Dictionary of Philosophy see Routledge Dictionary of Philosophy
The Times Digital Archive Searchable full-text images of every page of the London Times newspaper. View full description.
The Times Digital Archive: 1785-Onwards see The Times Digital Archive
The Toronto Star see ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Toronto Star
The University of Chicago Press Journals see University of Chicago Press Journals
Theatre (via Alexander Street) Combined access to all the theatre-related collections available from Alexander Street. View full description.