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Searchable full-text images of every page of the London Times newspaper.
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1785 to 2014
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"The Times" is considered an authoritative medium for political, legal, business and social news. The archive includes advertising, book reviews and obituaries.

Laurier Library has access to both the basic "Times Digital Archive" product (covering 1785 to 1985) as well as additional content through an update (expanding coverage up to 2014). These include the complete pages of every issue of "The Times" of London from these years -- every headline, article and image -- forming a complete chronicle of the period.

Subjects covered:
  • Digital Media and Journalism
  • Global Studies
  • History
Alternate titles:
  • Times Digital Archive, The
  • Digital Archive, The Times 1785-
  • London Times archive
  • Times : Digital Archive 1785-2014
  • The Times Digital Archive: 1785-Onwards
  • Times DAS 1785-onwards
  • Gale Primary Sources : The Times Digital Archive