Frontier Life: Borderlands, Settlement & Colonial Encounters

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Primary source documents on European and colonial frontier regions, 1650-1920.
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One of Adam Matthew's many primary source collections, this resource collects materials to help understand existence and consequences on the various frontiers that arose from the movements of Europeans to Africa, Australasia and North America. Content includes business and financial documents, correspondence, government documents, artwork, diaries, and more.

Content can be browsed by title, general categories such as "Children & Family" or "Land & Property", geographical region, library or archive from which the material came, or just document type. There are also a few video interviews and essays on the topic, plus an image gallery, and map-chronology tool. There is a basic keyword search tool, and in the advanced search function, you may search fields as keyword anywhere, title, author, place, people, subject, and subcollection, and combine these with Boolean operators, while filtering by date, them, region, libraries, or document type.

Laurier Library has provided this resource since December 2016.

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