Web of Science: Data Citation Index

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Index for research data from various repositories in different disciplines.
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This resource is an index of data sets, studies, software and repositories from many sources around the world, and covering a wide range of disciplines both in the hard sciences and social sciences and humanities. Records include where the data was from, who the creators were, relevant dates, plus other important information about the resource.

"Basic Search" is like most other platforms' advanced search in that it allows keyword searching in various specific fields such as topic, title, author, source, and many others, allows simple Boolean searching, combining individual searches with AND, OR, or NOT, and includes a timespan limit. There is also a "Cited Reference Search", searching citations in the works indexed. The Advanced Search allows more complex field searching and combinations through a command line type of interface, plus more limits such as language and document types.

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Subjects covered:
  • Data and Statistics
Alternate titles:
  • Data Citation Index
  • Web of Knowledge: Data Citation Index