Accessibility (Kitchener)


Accessing the Library building (Kitchener campus currently closed during Covid-19)

  • An accessible entrance is located at the parking lot (east side) entrance. An elevator provides access to the library on the lower level. Every washroom in the building is accessible.

Research assistance

  • The social work librarian offers personal research assistance; please contact Meredith Fischer to schedule an appointment. A telephone or e-mail research service is also available if required.
  • The Library also offers an online chat service. Look for the Ask Us link on many pages.

Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE)

Video tutorials

  • The library has created a selection of short video tutorials on a variety of topics related to library research.

Retrieval of materials from the stacks

  • The Social Work Library staff will retrieve materials from the book shelves when the nature of a person's disability makes access to the shelves difficult. Patrons should supply a list of titles with call numbers.

Library tours

  • Contact the Library's Accessibility Services staff to arrange a tour of the Library and an overview of the Library's accessible services.

Quiet study

  • The Social Work Library's study room can be reserved for quiet study or for work with an assistant from the Accessible Learning Centre. See Social Work Library staff for more information.


  • A multi-purpose unit is available for photocopying, printing and scanning. The unit is self-service, however a registered patron with a disability who experiences difficulty using the photocopier may request assistance from library staff.
  • The photocopier is located beside the entrance door along the south wall of the library.

Borrowing privileges

  • In addition to standard borrowing privileges students who are registered with the Accessible Learning Centre are granted extended loan periods if required. A signed letter from the Accessible Learning Centre is required. This letter should be submitted at the Services and Help Desk on the main floor at the Waterloo Campus.

Adaptive technologies

  • Wheelchair-accessible workstations providing access to the library's electronic information resources are also available. The following adaptive technologies are available in the Social Work Library:
  • Height adjustable workstation and adjustable chairs
  • Self-service scanner
  • Jaws, Dragon and Kurzweil software
  • Headphones with microphone

Emergency procedures and fire safety

Accessible Service Policy

The Library's Accessible Service Policy may be viewed online. Print copies are available from the Library's Accessibility Services staff.

Assistance at the Waterloo campus

  • If research assistance is required when using the library at the main campus, please contact (temporary contact)