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Past Exhibitions

Art for pleasure. Alliteration for fun.  Three thin thinkers thinking thick thoughtful thoughts.

Links to previous exhibitions hosted by the Robert Langen Art Gallery

2022: Take Only What You Need

In the Take Only What You Need exhibition, Christi Belcourt calls for self-reflection on nature’s symbolic properties and the earthly connections that intertwines human existence with the natural world. Image description provided for the blind and visually impaired.

2021: Power Play: Hockey In Contemporary Art

Power Play: Hockey in Contemporary Art is an online art exhibition curated by Jacyln Meloche. The exhibition, comprised of various photographs, installations, and paintings, calls into question the complicated relationship between hockey, gender, and race.

2020: Reconnection

In Reconnection, Kai Reimer-Watts and Richard Watts use mixed media online exhibition to centre our deepest compounding human-made crises, including climate change, inequality and a global pandemic