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Policy Last Updated: May 1, 2010

Subject: Education


The Collection Development policy is a used as a guide to shape relevant collections and to ensure consistency in collection development. The decision to purchase library materials is primarily the responsibility of the Collections Librarian in consultation with faculty in the Department.

This policy has been developed by Anne Kelly, the Collections Librarian, in cooperation with and endorsed by Dr. Colleen Willard-Holt, Dean Faculty of Education.


To support the practice of study and research for a Master's of Education, Integrated Studies in Education programme.


  • Language: English language materials are collected.
  • Dates of Publication: Emphasis is placed on recently published works as well as established works that support the area of study.
  • Chronological Period: Works with a focus on the 21st century is emphasized.
  • Publishers: For secondary material, academic and scholarly publishers are emphasized. For primary material, a broad range of publishers are monitored.

Types, formats, and readership of materials collected

  • Materials with academic-level readership are selected. Some popular material is also selected to support primary sources of study.
  • Web-based formats for reference sources, journals and indexing sources are preferred. Print and microform are considered for reason of cost, availability, expected use or long term access.
  • Single copies of books in print formats are generally selected. Web-based formats are selected on a title by title basis, especially if the title is of interest to users at multiple Laurier campuses. Duplication of print across Laurier campuses is generally avoided.
  • Excluded types include textbooks, abridgements, study aids, limited editions, works by vanity presses, reprints and partial contents (e.g. single issues of journals, electronic versions of single chapters of books).

Subjects collected and collecting priorities

Collecting priorities are categorized into 3 levels:

A - highest emphasis
The collection includes major published materials required to support the core teaching and research at the highest degree level offered by the Department.
B - secondary emphasis
The collection includes a selection of materials to complement the discipline as a whole, although it may not be a primary focus for courses.
C - selective emphasis
Materials, including reference materials and basic journals and indexes are collected to introduce and define an area.
Subjects collected Classification Collecting priority
History of Education    
Elementary / primary LA219 B
Canada LA410 - LB419 B
Theory and practice (LB) LB1 - LB3640 B (exceptions follow)
Teaching principles LB1025 - LB1050.75 A
Computers in education LB1038 A
Educational psychology LB1050.9 - LB1091 A
Child Study LB1101 - LB1139 A
Primary and elementary (includes curriculum theories) LB1141 - LB1602 A
Education and training of teachers LB1705 - LB2286 A
School administration LB2081 - LB3095 B
Theory and practice (LC) LC8 - LC6691 A (exceptions follow)
Social aspects of education LC65 - LC245 C
Moral and religious education LC251 - LC951 C
Computer-assisted education LC1022 - LC1022.25 A
Competency-based education LC1031 - LC1034.5 C
Multicultural education LC1099 - LC1099.5 A
Inclusive education LC1200 - LC1203 A
Education of special classes of persons (boys, girls, LGBT) LC1390 - LC 2576 C
Children of immigrants (first generation) LC3745 - LC3747 A
Exceptional children and youth (special education, gifted) LC3950 - LC4806.5 A
Individual institutions    
United States LD7501 C
Canada LE3 - LE5 A

Note: Literacy. Illiteracy LC 149- LC 160, is selected by Sociology.

Additional subject areas (when relating to education)

Subjects collected Classification Collecting priority
Psychology (cognition, motivation, emotion)    
Theory of knowledge BD143 - BD237 A
Cognition and learning BF309 - BF499 A
Developmental psychology BF712 - BF724.85 A
Social sciences    
Theory and method of statistics HA29 - HA32 A
Social psychology (social cognition, stereotypes, social pressure) HM1001 - HM1281 A
Sociology of children (child life, play, children's rights, youth, adolescence) HQ767.8 - HQ799.2 A
Assistance for children with disabilities HV888 - HV907 C
Mathematics education QA1 - QA43; QA101 - QA145 A

Related programs and support

Consortial purchases with the TriUniversity Group of Libraries (Guelph, Waterloo, Laurier university libraries), with the Ontario Council of University Libraries, and on a national level, are pursued.