Employment in the Library


The Library can provide students with valuable work experience and help supplement their income. Opportunities are available in various areas of the Library, including:

  • Archives and Special Collections
  • Desk Assistants
  • Copyright and Resource Delivery Services
    • Stacks maintenance
    • Processing Book/Article requests
    • Interlibrary loan, cataloguing, acquisitions.

Applying for Student Jobs

Archives and Desk Services Jobs

All student jobs for Archives and Desk Services are posted on WLU's Career Navigator. Please check there regularly for any posted Archives and Desk Services jobs at the library.

Copyright and Resource Delivery Services Jobs

To apply for a student job in Copyright and Resource Delivery Services, please ask for an application at the 2nd floor Services and Help Desk. Return the form to the desk when it is complete.


Available staff positions are posted on the Career Opportunities web pages.

Professional librarians

See Academic Postings, full-time or part-time, for employment opportunities for professional librarians.

Volunteers and unpaid placements

The Library does not accept volunteers, but does accept short-term student placements as part of service learning or other course requirements. For details, see the Policy on Volunteers and unpaid placements.