Library Undergraduate Award

Application form for the Library Undergraduate Award.

Each Laurier faculty member is welcome to nominate up to four undergraduates for the Library Undergraduate Research Award, two for the Junior award and two for the Senior award.

Academic work must have been completed the year prior to nomination; for the 2023 award, only work submitted in 2022 will be considered. Students who have already graduated are still eligible.

Nominators will be contacted separately to provide copies of the work to be considered.

Laurier faculty nominator information
Student information
Award type
Papers will be evaluated on four key criteria:
  1. extent to which student makes use of Laurier Library collections and relevant external sources
  2. variety and scope of sources used (i.e. books, journals, bibliographies or other significant primary resources)
  3. depth and breadth of research (i.e. does the paper incorporate research from other disciplines or perspectives)
  4. quality and consistency of citation style