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Awards for Laurier undergraduate students for using library resources in their courses.

Library Undergraduate Research Award


Nominate a student for the Award

  • Each Laurier faculty member is welcome to nominate up to two students for the Junior award and two for the Senior award.
  • Academic work must have been completed the year prior to nomination; for the 2024 award, only work submitted in 2023 will be considered. Students who have already graduated are still eligible.
  • Nominators will be contacted separately to provide copies of the work to be considered.

Award Categories

The Library offers awards in two categories to recognize undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional use of any library's resources as part of their regular coursework:

  • Junior Award: a first and second place award available to any first or second year student
  • Senior Award: a first and second place award available to any third or fourth year student

Each first place award will be in the amount of $350, and each second place award is $150.

Award Criteria

Papers will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Variety, depth and breadth of sources: a wide variety of resources relevant to or beyond the discipline have been consulted and used.
  • Evaluation and usage of sources: uses well chosen sources from multiple perspectives; engages with and analyzes sources meaningfully.
  • Quality and complexity of argumentation and writing: a well-written, complex analysis with persuasive reasoning.
  • Citation accuracy: understands and uses a citation style accurately.

Award Committee

The Library Undergraduate Research Awards Committee (LURAC), made up of librarians and faculty members, will review each nomination and related coursework, and provides their recommendations to the Student Awards Office each year.

Previous Awards

See the results of previous years' awards here: