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Secondary subject databases
Database Description
Canadian News @ ProQuest Searching both Canadian Newsstand Complete and CBCA (access to Canadian journals, magazines and news resources on all topics). View Full Description
Factiva A full-text resource with news, business information and journal articles drawn from almost 9000 worldwide sources, including Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and the KW Record. View Full Description

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Tertiary subject databases
Database Description
EBSCOhost databases (all) Search all EBSCOhost databases at once. View Full Description
Nexis Uni Full-text documents for international news, business, legal research, and key people in the news. View Full Description
ProQuest databases (all) Search all ProQuest databases at once. View Full Description
World News Digest Brief, full-text articles for general news, biographical, and statistical information. View Full Description
Encyclopedia of Journalism
Focuses on the gathering, editing, reporting, and distribution of news. Published 2009. Originally six volumes in print.
World press encyclopedia : a survey of press systems worldwide
Essays on the press and media in countries worldwide

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News Archives Online

British Library Newspapers
All issues from 48 national, regional and local 19th century newspapers
Chronicling America
Includes full content from more than 1,400 U.S. newspapers from 1836 to 1922
Daily Mail: Historical Archive 1896-2004
Complete archive of the British newspaper content, including the Atlantic Editions
Globe and Mail: Canada's Heritage
1844 to three years ago. Searchable full-page archive of the Globe and Mail from 1844. Excludes the most recent four years
Illustrated London News
Historical Archive 1842-2003
Our Ontario Newspapers
Digitized newspapers from Ontario communities. See "About our newspaper collections" for a title list
The New York Times
1851 to three years ago. Full-text page images. Includes New York Times Book Review
Times Digital Archive (The Times, London)
1785 to 2010. Searchable full-text images of every page of the newspaper
Toronto Star
1894 to four years ago. Searchable full-page archive of The Toronto Star
Wikipedia: List of online newspaper archives
International list of links to online newspaper archives on Wikipedia