Sociology II: Social Life

Course Number: SY103

Subject: Sociology

Journal Article Assignment:

Your professor wants you to find three peer-reviewed journal articles to complete Part III of your Journal Article Assignment. I'm going to show you in-class how I go about finding articles and to do that- I use this Worksheet to help.

If it's not clear in class how this works, take a look at this link - How to "Anne Kelly" your search. This page is a step by step walk through of how to apply it to a question about seniors. I will be updating the above page so it reflects what you will see if you did the same search this fall.

It is so very important to search with the right words and which subject heading is chosen to describe your topic depends quite a bit on the content area being indexed.

Sports topics will bring up articles that are really focused more on kinesiology than sociology- so I suggest adding the word "sociolog*" to your search. I find this very effective when you select the abstract index so your search for violence in soccer might be:

soccer (subject heading) AND violence (subject heading) AND sociolog* (abstract) which brings back 7 peer-reviewed journal articles.

You could also try something like this:

parent child relations (subject heading) OR parent-child relations (subject heading) AND sociolog* (abstract) which will bring you a lot of articles (over 62,000). From this, I would take a look at the subjects within this grouping and choose one- maybe self-concept, "mental health", "child welfare" or possibly "parenting style", etc.

As always, remember that I'm available for help with searching- and my appointment booking system is linked on the right hand side of this page.

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