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Social Determinants of Health

Course Number: HS200-BR

Subject: Health Studies

Scholarly articles:

Canadian newspaper articles:


Public Health

Laurier Articles via Google Scholar

Google Scholar

  • Go to settings and click on “Library” on the left side of the page
  • Type in Laurier and search; make sure the link to it is checked; save these settings

Evaluating resources

  • Relevance What evidence does this source add to your research topic?
  • Authority Who wrote it and how do we know we can trust them?
  • Accuracy Is there evidence of bias? Do other documents support this source?
  • Currency When was it written?
  • Purpose Why was it written? Who was the intended audience?

Additional Tips:

  • Use a multi-pronged approach; search by using our Omni catalogue, the databases, Google Scholar, the bibliographies of articles you have found
  • Think of different terms for the same word (e.g. post-secondary OR university)
  • Use quotation marks when searching for two words that go together as a phrase (e.g. “mental health”)
  • Use an asterisk and the root of a word to get all forms of it (e.g. rac* will find the words race and racial)
  • For scholarly articles, look for the “peer-reviewed journals” option in the Omni catalogue and in the databases
  • If you search in our Omni articles, use the links (especially the “subject links” and “more options”) to narrow down your search

Research help:

  • See Pauline Dewan ( or call 519 756-8228 ext. 5529)
  • You are welcome to drop in
  • To make sure I am there, it is best to make an appointment
  • My office is beside the digital library/study space in the basement of Grand River Hall (108B)

Please note: The Library is committed to providing programs, events and services that are accessible to all. Please contact us if you require accommodation due to a disability.

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