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Introduction to Library Research

Course Number: BU111

Subject: Business

General Tips

  • Start with the Library Resources before hitting Google
  • Much quicker and comprehensive in most cases
  • Very reliable as most information is written by the industry experts or collected by people in the industry

Google vs. Library Research

Use your critical thinking and judgement skills no matter what source you use. My suggestion is,

  • Start with the Library. Search in a Timely manner.
  • Supplement with Google. But beware of sources.
  • Demonstrate your thought process and state your assumptions to validate your analysis.

If you are off-campus, make sure to log in for off-campus access before you start.

Next Step: Go to the BU111 Intro to Industry/Market research and Intro to Company Research course guides.

*If you are not finding what you are looking for, your topic might be too broad or too narrow. Please make an appointment with the subject librarian for assistance (contact information on the top right of this page).

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