Billionaires, Beavers, and Banditos

Course Number: NO105

Subject: North American Studies

Course Readings

Week 2 - Colonization

Downs, Kristina. “Mirrored Archetypes: The Contrasting Cultural Roles of La Malinche and Pocahontas.” Western Folklore 67.4 (2008): 397-414.

Van Kirk, Sylvia. “‘Marrying-In’ to ‘Marrying-Out’: Changing Patterns of Aboriginal/Non-Aboriginal Marriage in Colonial Canada.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies 23.3 (2002): 1-11.

Week 3 – Race

Lorenz, Stacy L., and Rod Murray. “‘Goodbye to the Gangstas’: The NBA Dress Code, Ray Emery, and the Policing of Blackness in Basketball and Hockey.” Journal of Sport and Social Issues 38.1 (2014): 23-50.

Pabst, Naomi. “An Unexpected Blackness.” Transition 100 (2008): 112-132.

Week 4 – Labour and Migration

Gabriel, Christina, and Laura MacDonald. “Citizenship at the Margins: The Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program and Civil Society Advocacy.” Politics and Policy 39.1 (2011): 45-67.

Otero, Gerardo. “Neoliberal Globalization, NAFTA, and Migration: Mexico’s Loss of Food and Labor Sovereignty.” Journal of Poverty 15.4 (2011): 384-402.

Week 5 – Narcotrafficking

Krache Morris, Evelyn. “Think Again: Mexican Drug Cartels.” Foreign Policy 203 (December 2013): 30-33.

Mercille, Julien. “Violent Narco-Cartels or US Hegemony? The political economy of the ‘war on drugs’ in Mexico.” Third World Quarterly 32.9 (2011): 1637-1653.

Week 6 – Art, Identity, and Popular Culture

Fast, Susan and Karen Pegley. “Music and Canadian Nationhood Post 9/11: An Analysis of Music Without Borders: Live.” Journal of Popular Music Studies 18.1 (2006): 18-39.

Mulholland, Mary-Lee. “Mariachi, Myths and Mestizaje: Popular Culture and Mexican National Identity.” National Identities 9.3 (2007): 247-264.

Week 7 – International Trade

Anderson, Greg. “NAFTA on the Brain: Why Creeping Integration Has Always Worked Better.” American Review of Canadian Studies 42.4 (2012): 450-459.

Pastor, Robert A. “Beyond the Continental Divide.” The American Interest 7.6 (2012): 61-68.

Week 8 – Healthcare

Fuchs, Victor R. “How and Why US Health Care Differs From That in Other OECD Countries.” Journal of the American Medical Association 309.1 (2013): 33-34.

Vaillancourt Rosenau, Pauline M. “U.S. Newspaper Coverage of the Canadian Health System – A Case of Seriously Mistaken Identity?” American Review of Canadian Studies 36.1 (2006): 27-58.

Week 9 – Security, Citizenship, and Borders

Alm, Leslie R. and Rosse E. Burkhart. “Canada-US Border Communities: What the People Have to Say.” American Review of Canadian Studies 43.1 (2013): 465-480.

Rodney, Lee. “Road Signs on the Border: Transnational Anxiety and the Rebordering of North America.” Space and Culture 14.4 (2011): 384-397.

Week 10 – Violence, Crime, and Punishment

Cook, Philip J., Wendy Cukier, and Keith Krause. “The illicit firearms trade in North America.” Criminology and Criminal Justice 9.3 (2009): 265-286.

Tonry, Michael. “‘Nothing’ Works: Sentencing ‘Reform’ in Canada and the United States.” Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 55.4 (2013): 465-480.

Week 11 – Resistance

Barker, Adam J. “Already Occupied: Indigenous Peoples, Settler Colonialism and the Occupy Movements in North America.” Social Movement Studies 11.3-4 (2012): 327- 334.

Hayden Taylor, Drew. “This Boat.” This Magazine 38.1 (2004): 22-23.