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Gaming Collection

The Game Library exists at the Brantford Digital Library and Learning Commons (DLLC). Items can be requested and sent to other campuses.

Through a generous grant from the Student Life Levy Fund in 2017, the Library has created the Game Library and a service point at the Brantford Digital Library and Learning Commons (DLLC) to support the collection.

Collection contents

  • over 150 board games
  • over 200 digital games
    • Xbox 360 Games
    • Xbox One Games
    • PS3 Games
    • PS4 Games
    • PS5 Games
    • Nintendo Switch Games
  • 7 game consoles
    • Xbox 360
    • Xbox One
    • Xbox Series X
    • PS3
    • PS4
    • PS5
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Nintendo Classic
    • Super Nintendo Classic
  • Oculus Rift virtual reality system
  • a projector
  • a gaming laptop with digital games through Steam

Click this link to view a full list of board games and digital games that we have in our collection.


The collection is located in the Brantford DLLC on the ground floor of Grand River Hall. Items can be requested and sent to the Waterloo campus. The Game Library service point is accessible on a daily basis for regular periods that will be modified on a semester-to-semester basis.

Requests for gaming consoles for use in Waterloo and requests for the Oculus Rift, the gaming laptop or the projector should be directed to Michelle Goodridge.


Spring/Summer 2023 - the game library is closed and reopening September 2023

  • Monday closed
  • Tuesday closed
  • Wednesday closed
  • Thursday closed
  • Friday closed

Updates to service hours will be posted to the Library’s website. The Gaming Collection is closed on weekends and holidays.

Who can use the collection?

Due to stipulations of the grant, this collection is only available to Laurier students, staff and faculty.

Game Collection – Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Guidelines

The game collection was established for the use of students, faculty and staff at Laurier for both educational and recreational purposes. In order to ensure a pleasant and respectful environment, and to ensure proper use of the gaming materials and equipment, the Laurier Library asks that users of the collection respect and follow this Code of Conduct (or Use Guidelines) and comply with all other relevant policies established by Laurier Library and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Appropriate use of the game collection means:

  • Being respectful of those around you including and not limited to other users and staff
  • Refraining from behaviour both in-person and online that may be interpreted as intimidating, harassing, disruptive or offensive by other users
  • Immediately reporting abuses, problems and problem users to Library staff
  • Reporting any equipment malfunctions or technical problems
  • Returning all items to the circulation desk either at the Library – Digital Library and Learning Commons – Brantford Campus or in Waterloo Campus the
  • Following all applicable game provider codes of conduct when using library equipment and games online (e.g. Playstation Community Code of Conduct)
  • Removing any personal data from gaming console systems before returning to the library

Ensuring proper use of all gaming equipment and preventing damage to the games and equipment

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