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New books in the collection

A row of books on a shelf

A spotlight on some recently acquired physical and electronic books in the collection.

The following are new books added to the Laurier Library.  The lists will be updated monthly. The titles below are selections and not a full list of the new titles. 


New print books in the Laurier collection


On becoming a person : a therapist's view of psychotherapy / Carl R. Rogers ; introduction by Peter D. Kramer.

Social Work

Conversations with a dead man : Indigenous rights and the legacy of Duncan Campbell Scott / Mark Abley.

Waterloo campus 

Thesaurus linguae Latinae / editus auctoritate et consilio academiarum quinque Germanicarum Berolinensis, Gottingensis, Lipsiensis, Monacensis, Vindobonensis.

Applied business rhetoric / Elizabeth C. Tomlinson.

Divine might : goddesses in Greek myth / Natalie Haynes.

Louis Janmot / Édition critique par Clément Paradis et Hervé de Christen.

Modes of protest and resistance : strange change in morals political / Margaret Betz

Revolutionizing business operations : how to build dynamic processes for enduring competitive advantage / Tony Saldanha and Filippo Passerini ; foreword by Roger Martin.

The Canadian Charter of Rights : annotated / Editorial Board : John B. Laskin, Edward L. Greenspan, J. Bruce Dunlop ; consulting editor : Horace Krever.

Composting utopia : experimental infrastructures for organics recycling in New York City / Guy Schaffer.

Qualitative research writing : credible and trustworthy writing from beginning to end / Michelle Salmona, Institute for Mixed Methods Research and Adjunct Professor, University of Canberra, Dan Kaczynski, Professor Emeritus, Central Michigan University and Professor, University of Canberra, Eli Lieber, University of California, Los Angeles.

The environmental gaze : reading Sartre through Guido van Helten's No exit murals / Joe Balay.

The friction project : how smart leaders make the right things easier and the wrong things harder / Robert I. Sutton & Huggy Rao.

The literary life of Yājñavalkya / Steven E. Lindquist.

The Canadian Charter of Rights : annotated / Editorial Board : John B. Laskin, Edward L. Greenspan, J. Bruce Dunlop ; consulting editor : Horace Krever.

Chrysalis : stories / Anuja Varghese.

The six disciplines of strategic thinking : leading your organization into the future / Michael D. Watkins.

Xanax cowboy : poems / Hannah Green.

The dots-and-boxes game : sophisticated child's play / Elwyn Berlekamp.

Under another sky : journeys in Roman Britain / Charlotte Higgins.

An introduction to modern calculus / by Wilhelm Maak.

Concepts of programming languages / Robert W. Sebesta.

Electrodynamics of solids : optical properties of electrons in matter / Martin Dressel and George Grüner.

Elementary real analysis / Brian S. Thomson, Judith B. Bruckner, Andrew M. Bruckner.

Fortran for humans / Rich Didday, Rex Page.

The magnetic universe : the elusive traces of an invisible force / J.B. Zirker.

The year 2000 software crisis : the continuing challenge / Ian S. Hayes and William M. Ulrich.

Contre Jovinien / Jérôme ; introduction, traduction et notes Luce Savoye, Professeure agrégée de Lettres classiques.

Science fiction theatre / J.P. Telotte.

Understanding deep learning / Simon J. D. Prince.

Become ungovernable : an abolition feminist ethic for democratic living / H.L.T. Quan.

Bir el Knissia at Carthage : A Martyrial basilica complex : Second and final report / directed by Susan T. Stevens with contributions by S. Aloui, F. Bessière, B.J. Davey, O. Gorgon, A. Kalinowski, S. Pringle, J.JU. Rossiter, E. Smith, A. Sterrett-Krause, S.T. Stevens, J. Terry, F. Touj, P. Visonà and C.K. Walth.

Combinations : denominations, democracy and the politics of nonviolence / Maurice Macartney.

Life in Palmyra, life for Palmyra : conference in memory of Khaled al-As'ad, Warsaw, April 21st-22nd, 2016 / edited by Michal Gawlikowski and Dagmara Wielgosz-Rondolino.

A passion for nature : Thomas Jefferson and natural history / Keith Thomson.

Modern methods of organic sythesis.

Natural environment and culture in the Mediterranean Region / edited by Recep Efe ... [et al.].

Targets and indicators of climatic change : report / edited by F.R. Rijsberman and R.J. Swart.

The woodland heritage of southern Ontario : a study of ecological change, distribution and significance / Brendon M. Larson ... [et al.].

Ainsworth & Bisby's dictionary of the fungi / by P.M. Kirk ... [et al.] ; with the assistance of A. Aptroot ... [et al.].

Birds of prey : hawks, eagles, falcons, and vultures of North America / Pete Dunne with Kevin T. Karlson ; photo research and production by Kevin T. Karlson.

Ecology : the experimental analysis of distribution and abundance / Charles J. Krebs.

Encyclopedia of underwater life : aquatic invertebrates and fishes / edited by Andrew Campbell and John Dawes.

Firefly Encyclopedia of trees / edited by Steve Cafferty.

Nature in focus : rapid ecological assessment / Roger Sayre ... [et al.] ; illustrations by Tamara R. Sayre.

Present at the flood : how structural molecular biology came about / Richard E. Dickerson.

Reproduction in mammals / edited by C.R. Austin and R.V. Short ; illustrated by John R. Fuller

Reproduction in mammals / edited by C.R. Austin and R.V. Short ; illustrated by John R. Fuller

Reproduction in mammals / edited by C.R. Austin and R.V. Short ; illustrated by John R. Fuller

Reproduction in mammals / edited by C.R. Austin and R.V. Short ; illustrated by John R. Fuller

Reproduction in mammals / edited by C.R. Austin and R.V. Short ; illustrated by John R. Fuller

Reproduction in mammals / edited by C.R. Austin and R.V. Short ; illustrated by John R. Fuller

Reproduction in mammals / edited by C.R. Austin and R.V. Short ; illustrated by John R. Fuller

Reproduction in mammals / edited by C.R. Austin and R.V. Short ; illustrated by John R. Fuller

The nature of hummingbirds : rainbows on wings / Harry Thurston.

The student's guide to cognitive neuroscience / Jamie Ward.

Human rights and populism / Jolyon Ford.

State secrecy and democracy : a philosophical inquiry / Dorota Mokrosinska.

Structure and thought : toward a materialist theory of representational cognition / Daniel Sacilotto ; foreword by Ray Brassier.

Anatomy & physiology made incredibly easy.

Breaking the Silence of Spiritual Abuse / Lisa Oakley, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK,  Kathryn Kinmond, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Campbell's psychiatric dictionary / Robert Jean Campbell, M.D.

DSM-IV-TR® guidebook / Michael B. First, Allen Frances, Harold Alan Pincus.

Diet and health : scientific perspectives / Walter J. Veith.

Encyclopedia of health & behavior / editor in chief, Norman B. Anderson.

Encyclopedia of health & behavior / editor in chief, Norman B. Anderson.

Foundations of modern harmony / Karel Janeécek ; translated by Jana Skarecky ; edited by Anne Carothers Hall.

Healing crisis and trauma with mind, body, and spirit / Barbara Rubin Wainrib.

Introduction to biophysical methods for protein and nucleic acid research / edited by Jay A. Glasel, Murray P. Deutscher.

Oxford dictionary of biochemistry and molecular biology / managing editor, A.D. Smith ; general editors, Professor S.P. Datta [and four others] ; subject editors, Dr. D.A. Bender [and five others].

Proust and the squid : the story and science of the reading brain / Maryanne Wolf ; illustrations by Catherine Stoodley.

Reclamation and resurgence : the poetry of Marilyn Dumont / selected and with an introduction by Armand Garnet Ruffo ; and an afterword by the author.

Rivers in rock : Elora Gorge field companion and natural history / Kenneth Hewitt.

The biophysical foundations of human movement / Bruce Abernethy ... [et al.].

Women and health : mainstreaming the gender perspective into the health sector : report of the Expert Group Meeting 28 September-2 October 1998, Tunis (Tunisia) / United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

On comics and grief / Dale Jacobs.

Tours inside the snow globe : Ottawa monuments and national belonging / Tonya K. Davidson.

Conducting applied psychological research : a practical guide / Charlotte Wilson.

Sensitive rhetorics : academic freedom and campus activism / Kendall Gerdes.

William Shakespeare's As you like it : a radical retelling / by Cliff Cardinal.

A colour handbook of biological control in plant protection / Neil Helyer, Kevin Brown, Nigel D. Cattlin ; The Royal Horticultural Society.

Confronting the blue revolution : industrial aquaculture and sustainability in the global south / Md Saidul Islam.

Fisheries management : pandemic failure, workable solutions / Giulio Pontecorvo, William E. Schrank ; with contributions by Mark Holliday, Donald B. Olson.

Partnerships for protection : new strategies for planning and management for protected areas / edited by Sue Stolton and Nigel Dudley ; with Biksham Gujja ... [and 6 others].

People and parks : linking protected area management with local communities / Michael Wells and Katrina Brandon, with Lee Hannah.

Rehabilitation of degraded forests in Asia / Ajit K. Banerjee.

Technopoly : the surrender of culture to technology / Neil Postman.

The plant locator, western region / compiled by Susan Hill & Susan Narizny.

Energy after Rio : prospects and challenges / authors, Amulya K.N. Reddy, Robert H. Williams, Thomas B. Johansson.

Participatory evaluation : tools for managing change in water and sanitation / Deepa Narayan.

The facts on file dictionary of environmental science / Bruce Wyman, L. Harold Stevenson.


New electronic books in the Laurier collection

LGBT football fans : authenticity, belonging and visibility / Rory Magrath.

Leadership development in practice : a complexity approach / Kevin Flinn.

Mastering project uncertainty : a systems thinking approach / Paul W.M. Cuypers.

The ethics of sustainability in management : storymaking in organizations / Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen.

Visual methods of inquiry : images as research / Kerry Freedman and Richard Siegesmund.

Creative social policy : the collective emancipation of human potential / Johannes Kananen (University Teacher of Social Policy, Department of Social Research, University of Turku, Finland).

Divine action in Hebrews : and the ongoing priesthood of Jesus / Gareth Lee Cockerill, Craig G. Bartholomew, and Benjamin T. Quinn, editors.

Engaging with digital maps : our knowledgeable deferral to rough guides / Matthew Hanchard.

Experimental translation : the work of translation in the age of algorithmic production / Lily Robert-Foley.

Lifting as they climb : Black women Buddhists and collective liberation / Toni Pressley-Sanon.

Mind game : an inside look at the mental health playbook of elite athletes / Julie Kliegman.

Relentless caring : if you don't give a damn, don't expect anyone else to / William H. McGill Jr.

The brain abstracted : simplification in the history and philosophy of neuroscience / M. Chirimuuta.

Unifying business, data, and code : designing data products with JSON schema / Ron Itelman and Juan Cruz Viotti.

Model risk management : risk bounds under uncertainty / Ludger Rüschendorf, Steven Vanduffel, Carole Bernard. [electronic resource]

Religion and social criticism : tradition, method, and values / Bharat Ranganathan, Caroline Anglim, editors.

Falsehoods fly : why misinformation spreads and how to stop it / Paul Thagard.

Human resource development : critical perspectives and practices / Laura L. Bierema [and four others].

Internet of Things in the Food Industry : Challenges and Opportunities for the Internet of Food Things / edited by Anna Rogala, Renata Nestorowicz, and Ewa Jerzyk.

Overcoming ageism / Harvard Business Review.

Knowledge management : systems and processes in the AI era / Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Rajiv Sabherwal and Richard Kumi.

Through the morgue door : one woman's story of survival and saving children in German-occupied Paris / Colette Brull-Ulmann and Jean-Christophe Portes ; translated by Anne Landau and Margaret Sinclair.

Evidence-based endocrinology / [editors] Pauline M. Camacho, Hossein Gharib, Glen W. Sizemore.

Censored 2008 [electronic resource] : the top 25 censored stories / edited by Peter Phillips, Andrew Roth, and Project Censored ; introduction by Dennis Loo ; cartoons by John Jonik.

Censored 2010 [electronic resource] : the top 25 censored stories / edited by Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff ; with Project Censored ; introduction by Dahr Jamail ; cartoons by Khalil Bendib.

Cherokee power : imperial and indigenous geopolitics in the trans-Appalachian west, 1670-1774 / Kristofer Ray.

Hacking the academy : new approaches to scholarship and teaching from digital humanities / edited by Daniel J. Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt.

The use of models in medieval book painting / edited by Monika E. Müller.

Transgenerational media industries : adults, children, and the reproduction of culture / Derek Johnson.

Extracting reconciliation : Indigenous lands, (in)human wastes, and colonial reckoning / Myra J. Hird and Hillary Predko.

Nihikéyah : Navajo homeland / edited by Lloyd L. Lee.

Mastering clinical embryology : good practice, clinical biology, assisted reproductive technologies, and advanced laboratory skills / edited by Alison Campbell, Walid E Maalouf.

Fieldwork handbook : a practical guide on the go / Marika Vertzonis.

Coach builder : how to turn your expertise into a profitable coaching career / Donald Miller.

Collaborative advantage : how open organizations thrive in volatility / Raphael Bömelburg, Oliver Gassmann.

Data grab : the new colonialism of big tech and how to fight back / Ulises A. Mejias and Nick Couldry.

Dysfunction and deviance across family firms : varying reflections of the dark side / Roland E. Kidwell.

Economies of scale : financialization and contemporary North American poetry / Ann Keniston.

Handbook of graph theory / edited by Jonathan L. Gross, Columbia University, New York, USA, Jay Yellen, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, USA, Ping Zhang, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, USA.

How ableism fuels racism : dismantling the hierarchy of bodies in the church / Lamar Hardwick.

In search of the Thin Man : Dashiell Hammett, William Powell and the classic film series / Philip Zwerling.

Investing for better : harnessing the four driving forces of asset management to build a wealthier and more equitable world / Daniel Seiler.

Rediscovering the wisdom of the Corinthians : Paul, stoicism, and spiritual hierarchy / Timothy A. Brookins.

Sex and the founding fathers : the American quest for a relatable past / Thomas A. Foster.

The lure of communication : sociology through rhetoric / Andrea Lombardinilo.

Advanced equity derivatives [electronic resource] : volatility and correlation / Se̊bastien Bossu.

American Insecurity and the Origins of Vulnerability / Russ Castronovo.

American modernist fiction : psychoanalytic recitations of identity / John Dolis.

Bodies for profit and power : science fiction and biopolitics / Lisa Wenger Bro.

Canada through American eyes : literature and canadian exceptionalism / Jennifer Andrews.

Chinese engagement in Africa : drivers, reactions, and implications for U.S. policy / Larry Hanauer, Lyle J. Morris.

Critical authoethnography and Écriture feminine : writing with Hélène Cixous / Elizabeth Mackinlay, Renée Mickelburgh, editors.

Hollywood remaking : how film remakes, sequels, and franchises shape industry and culture / Kathleen Loock.

Hybridity in the literature of Medieval England / Rosanne P. Gasse.

War, pacification, and mass murder, 1939 : the Einsatzgruppen in Poland / Jürgen Matthäus, Jochen Böhler and Klaus-Michael Mallmann ; edited by the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, the Deutsches Historisches Institut Warschau, and the Forschungsstelle Ludwigsburg der Universität Stuttgart ; advisory committee, Christopher R. Browning [and four others].

Designing Hollywood : studio wardrobe in the golden age / Christian Esquevin.

Indigenous journeys, transatlantic perspectives : relational worlds in contemporary Native American literature / edited by Anna M. Brígido-Corachán.

Adaptation and beyond : hybrid transtextualities / edited by Eva C. Karpinski and Ewa Keblowska-Ławniczak.

Growing up and out of crime : desistance, maturation, and emerging adulthood / Elias S. Nader.

How to write conceptual papers in the social sciences : a practical guide for students / Jon-Arild Johannessen, Bjørn Olsen.

Women and medieval literary culture : from the early middle ages to the fifteenth century / edited by Corinne Saunders, Durham University, Diane Watt, University of Surrey. [electronic resource]

The Sage Handbook of Mixed Methods Research Design / edited by Cheryl N. Poth.

Medieval English in a multilingual context : current methodologies and approaches / edited by Sara M. Pons-Sanz, Louise Sylvester.

Mesoamerican plazas : arenas of community and power / edited by Kenichiro Tsukamoto and Takeshi Inomata.

Space, Mirrors, Subjectivity in Angela Carter's Fiction / Jiang Xiaobo.

Spatial Inequalities and Wellbeing : A Multidisciplinary Approach / edited by Camilla Lenzi and Valeria Fedeli.

The Routledge international handbook of Indigenous resilience / edited by Hilary N. Weaver.

Waste and the Wasters : Poetry and Ecosystemic Thought in Medieval England / Eleanor Johnson.

Who wrote this? : how AI and the lure of efficiency threaten human writing / Naomi S. Baron

Marian maternity in late-medieval England / Mary Beth Long.

Methodologies in critical terrorism studies : gaps and interdisciplinary perspectives / edited by Alice E. Finden, Carlos Yebra Lopez, Tarela Juliet Ike, Ugo Guadino and Samwel Oando.

Social work in health emergencies : global perspectives / Patricia Fronek, Karen Smith Rotabi-Casares.

The Routledge international handbook of social development, social work, and the sustainable development goals / edited by David Androff and Janianton Damanik.

Understanding Theories and Concepts in Social Policy / Ruth Lister, Ruth Patrick, and Kate Brown.

Practices of commentary : medieval traditions and transmissions / edited by Amanda Goodman and Suzanne Conklin Akbari. [electronic resource]

Writing the world in early medieval England / Nicole Guenther Discenza, Heide Estes. [electronic resource]

Composers of the Nazi era : eight portraits / Michael H. Kater.

New media and religious transformations in Africa / edited by Rosalind I. J. Hackett and Benjamin F. Soares ; foreword by Francis B. Nyamnjoh.

World Development Indicators 2004.

Effective machine learning teams : best practices for ML practitioners / David Tan, Ada Leung, and David Colls.

Eight million exiles : missional action research and the crisis of forced migration / Christopher M. Hays.

Method, context, and meaning in New Testament studies / C. Kavin Rowe.

The Yiddish supernatural on screen : dybbuks, demons and haunted Jewish pasts / Rebecca Margolis.

The ancient art of thinking for yourself : the power of rhetoric in polarized times / Robin Reames.

Understanding DeFi : the roles, tools, risks, and rewards of decentralized finance / Alexandra Damsker.

Beyond Realism : Naturalist Film in Theory and Practice / Robert Singer.

Kings of the Garden : the New York Knicks and their city / Adam J. Criblez.

Saving ourselves : from climate shocks to climate action / Dana R. Fisher.

Chaplaincy : a comprehensive introduction / Mark A. Jumper, Steven E. Keith, Michael W. Langston.

Digitalisation of global business services : orchestrating the enterprise ecosystem / Albert Plugge, Shahrokh Nikou.

Foul or fair? : ethical and social issues in sports / Larry Atkins.

Genesis : a bible study guide and commentary / Stephen K. Ray.

Leadership as masterpiece creation : what business leaders can learn from the humanities about moral risk-taking / Charles Spinosa, Matthew Hancocks, and Haridimos Tsoukas.

Mortal goods : reimagining Christian political duty / Ephraim Radner.

Science at the doorstep to God : science and reason in support of God, the soul, and life after death / Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.

The Holy Spirit in the Christian life : the spirit's work for, in, and through us / Cheryl M. Peterson.

Unveiling semiotic codes of fake news and misinformation : contemporary theories and practices for media professionals / Tatiana Iskanderova.

Writing and Publishing Qualitative Research.

The great Maya droughts in cultural context : case studies in resilience and vulnerability / edited by Gyles Iannone.

The politics of media scarcity / Greg Elmer, Stephen J. Neville.





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