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Borealis: A New Name for Laurier’s Dataverse Data Repository

Logo of the borealis. The northern lights, sweeping up over mountains near water

Laurier Dataverse will soon have a new name and a new look!

On June 23, Dataverse is becoming Borealis, the Canadian Dataverse Repository/Borealis, le dépôt Dataverse canadien. This new name reflects Borealis’s identity as a national service connecting Canadian researchers, and comes after consultation with research data management specialists across the country. The new website will be

Laurier’s research data repository is hosted on Borealis, which continues to use the Dataverse repository platform. This means that while the name and appearance of the repository are changing, the core service remains the same. Borealis is still the place where you can store, share, publish and discover research data, and The Library will continue to provide support.

The new website will launch on June 23 at All links to the current Scholars Portal Dataverse site will be redirected to the new site.

For more information on Borealis, the name change, or how to deposit your research data with the Library, contact Michael Steeleworthy, Data Librarian and Coordinator of Research Data Services


Why is a New Name Required?

Scholars Portal Dataverse grew from a regional service to include over 60 affiliated institutions across Canada and needed a new name to better reflect the identity of the service. Due to the service now being supported on a national level, a different name was needed to better reflect the identity of the service.

Who Operates Borealis?

Borealis is governed by participating regional academic library consortia, and Laurier is represented by the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL). Borealis also receives support from the Digital Research Alliance of Canada. Locally, your research data is managed by RDM specialists at the Laurier Library.

What is the New Website?

The new website,, is planned to launch on June 23.

Is Anything Changing About the Service Itself?

Only the name and appearance of the repository are changing. Borealis is still the place where you can deposit, publish and discover research data. The infrastructure is the same, as well as your local RDM support, service, and expertise.

Do I Need a New Account? Do my Login Details Change?

No need for a new account! Your existing account information will be ported over to the new website and you can continue to use the same login credentials.

Will there be any Downtime or Delays for Login after the Launch of the New Website?

On June 23, there will not be any platform downtime at website launch.

If you have an institutional account (i.e., single sign-on), you may experience temporary delays for login.

Will my DOIs still work?

All dataset handles and DOIs will continue to resolve to the appropriate dataset page.

Do I Need to Change the Way I cite Datasets?

After June 23, dataset citations will include the new name of the repository.

If you are submitting a new paper, use the new citation.

Do I need to Update my Links to the Scholars Portal Dataverse Website?

Redirects to platform web pages will be in place for at least 6 months.

Will I need to Accept a New Terms of Use?

The updated Terms will go into effect on June 23 for existing users and there is no action required on your part.

Users who create new accounts on and after June 23 will need to agree to the updated Terms.

How can I stay up to Date with the Latest News?

For the most up-to-date news, follow us on Twitter at BorealisData.

Who do I Contact for Help?

In Borealis, contact Laurier Library’s Research Data Services by navigating to Laurier’s research data collection and clicking “contact.” Or, reach out to Michael Steeleworthy, Laurier Data Librarian and Coordinator, Research Data Services