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Study Pod Description

Study pods at the Waterloo Campus library are enclosed booths for learning tasks that require some level of speaking, such as on-line group meetings. Descriptions of the pods are provided so you can determine if they meet your needs. 


Photo of exterior of 3 study pods along edge of wall on 7th floor. Description of pods follows at heading 2  Photo of interior of a pod with door open. A shelf and light above. Description of pods follows at heading 2

A photo of a hand opening the glass door with two fingers. Description of pods follows at heading 2  Photo of study pod showing chair, desk, and a step from floor to interior. Description of pods follows at heading 2

Pods 7P1, 7P2, & 7P3

  • Pod Signage
    • Braille pod numbers on exterior. 7P2 is incorrectly brailled as 7P6
  • Pod numbering
    • 7P1: southmost, closest to Albert Street
    • 7P2: middle
    • 7P3: nearest the elevator
  • Entering/exiting
    • Door width is 40 inches
    • 3.5 inch step into/out of the pod
    • No railing or bars for stability
    • No turning radius for wheelchairs
    • See caution below
  • Door
    • Doors are made of transparent glass and so are easy to open
    • Doors open with finger grip rather than lever or knob
    • Doors have no lock
  • Interior
    • Pods are 6 feet 11 inches tall
    • Pods are 40 inches wide by 40 inches deep
    • With chair, enough space for a backpack
    • No coat hanger
  • Furnishing
    • Simple desk chair
    • Fixed desk surface, non-height adjustable (14 inches deep and 30 inches wide)
    • Two power outlets
    • One USB port for charging
  • Noise
    • Fan emits a noticeable white noise hum
  • Lighting
    • One ceiling light present
    • Lighting can not be turned on or off (it turns on by motion)
  • Emergency
    • 7P1: Strobe fire alarm is close and flashes should be visible from the pod


  • Entering/exiting:
    • There is no high contrast marker for the edge
  • Emergency
    • 7P2 and 7P3: Flashes from strobe fire alarm may not be visible from within these pods