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Library study rooms available for students registered with the Accessible Learning Centre

A private study room. There's a desk with large surface and chair. Braille on door signs

Overview of the individual study room for students registered with the Accessible Learning Centre

Are you registered with the Accessible Learning Centre and would love a private space on campus to study? Did you know the Waterloo campus library has private study rooms for students registered with the Accessibility Learning Centre?

What can you use a study room for?

You can use the rooms in whatever way helps you succeed academically. Use a room to decompress before a class, study for an exam, do homework, etc.

About the rooms

  • A description of each room is available to help you determine if it meets your needs.
  • Each room is lockable
  • You can make a reservation up to seven days in advance
  • You can reserve a room for up to six hours per day

How to reserve a room?

Study rooms can be reserved online

  1. Select the β€œBook a Room” link in the upper right corner of the
  2. Find the Individual Study Rooms (Accessible Learning Centre Students) heading
  3. View the availability timeline
  4. In the reservation table, select a room and start time

You will receive a confirmation email and also a reminder email an hour before your reservation.

By default, your username will be hidden on the reservation table to protect your privacy.

How to use your room on the day of your reservation?

  1. Pick up the key at the User Services desk on the main floor of the Waterloo campus library
  2. Take the stairs or elevator to the appropriate floor. If you need help finding the room, ask staff at the User Services desk for directions
  3. When your reservation is done, return the key to the front desk

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