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Data Management Plans 101

Start Time: Thursday, October 6, 2022 2:00pm

End Time: Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:30pm

Online: Link emailed to participants

Data management plans (DMPs) are documents that identify strategies, methodologies, and tools to manage research data during and after the life of a research project. DMPs are informed by the practices of your research field, the needs of your project, obligations to your research stakeholders, and the requirements of your granting agencies. Special attention is given to data with sensitivities, Indigenous data sovereignty, and “planning with the end in mind.” Since Spring 2021, the Tri-Agencies have required that DMPs or data management methodologies be included in all grant applications.

The Laurier Library is hosting this DMP workshop for researchers, grad students, research facilitators, and other HQP. We will begin with a short introduction on data management planning and the new policy environment. Participants will then move into breakout rooms to consider a data management concept in their own plans before reporting back on the discussion and the significance of the concept to their own research data management practices. Time will then be given for researchers to apply this knowledge and start a DMP of their own.

All participants will leave with a greater understanding of data management planning and on-campus supports to help them write their DMPs.

This workshop is participatory in nature. To make the most of the breakout room discussions, participants are asked to either:

  1. Review and bring with them a recent DMP they have co-developed, or
  2. Complete a DMP Summary before the meeting to make the most of the discussion in the breakout rooms

Be prepared to talk, write, and discuss!