Course readings (reserves) policies

The following outlines Wilfrid Laurier University Library’s copyright policies regarding materials placed on reserve

These guidelines are for faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University who are placing readings on Reserve at any of its libraries. All requests submitted for Reserve are submitted through Ares (Ares manages physical and electronic reserve requests available from library resources) and comply with one of the following:

The types of material that may be placed on Reserve through the Library include but are not limited to:

  1. Links to online journal articles and ebooks that are available via full text, on-line databases licensed for use by the WLU libraries. Please provide the full journal citation for the article. We are also able to link to other online sites as long as there are no copyright restrictions. Please provide citation information and/or the URL. We can also link to an electronic book.
  2. Physical Books and DVDs Physical books placed on reserve do not need any form of copyright or publisher authorization. To place a book on reserve, you will need to submit the request in ARES. An instructor can submit their own personal copy to be placed on reserve or request for Library-owned material to be placed on reserve. Please keep in mind that personal books/DVDs are used by your students and normal wear and tear may occur. Laurier Libraries assumes no liability for damage to personal items placed on reserve. Library-owned material will be pulled from the shelves after a request for the physical reserve is placed in ARES. Please note that if neither a personal copy is provided or if the book/DVD is not owned by the Library, you can still place the request and request for the book/media to be considered for purchase and added to the library collection. Please fill out the Recommend an item for Purchase form. Please allow 6-8 weeks when requesting new books to be ordered for your Reserve course. The library does not purchase required text books.
    • Personal copies of books, journals, textbooks, lecture notes supplied by the Department or Instructor. If the library does not own a copy of your book you may make Recommend an item for Purchase. While we attempt to ensure the security of private material, we are not responsible for loss or damage. Please be aware that personal material will be barcoded, numbered and labelled for Reserve. If a binder is required, it must be provided by the instructor.
    • Photocopies of articles from journals or a limited number of pages from a book, eg: the excerpt should not exceed 20% of the book. Instructors must provide their own photocopies. Please note that citation information must be supplied for the material submitted to Reserve.
    • Photocopies of readings submitted for Reserve will be bound individually. Binders or packages of photocopied material from more than one publication will not be accepted for the Reserve Room. The bookstore can provide information on creating coursepacks.

The following can be posted on Ares without needing copyright information:

  • Syllabi
  • sample tests
  • sample test answers

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